Pre-Plumbed Ducts

Our pre-plumbed ducts are extremely popular with many clients because there is more control over the design and finish, and they minimise installation time, costs and mishaps. Manufactured off-site and delivered to the new build or refurbishment, these modularised units improve design and specification timescales, whilst reducing labour, product packaging, damages and waste generation on-site.

Pre-plumbed ducts are available in two designs in order to cater for specific sectors. Each type is manufactured, assembled and pressure tested off-site prior to installation, and delivered to site on demand and can be installed immediately and easily. They permit specification issues to be designed out prior to installation and reduce the number of fragile and/or high value sanitaryware and brassware items stored on site with commensurate reductions in product damage or loss.

When combined with our First Fix Plumbing service the specification of Inscape’s pre-plumbed ducts significantly reduces the number of trades on site, trade co-ordination and site waste/damages creating both cost and critical path benefits.

Education, leisure, commercial and retail

Inscape’s Pro-Line PPD is part of our washroom range and are usually a full-wall duct system in a school, leisure facility or other commercial building.

Hospitals, medical centres, laboratories and medical training facilities

Inscape’s Healthcare CPS is part of our healthcare range and can be a full-wall system, box units or recessed units. They are usually specified in healthcare buildings such as hospitals.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about pre-plumbed ducts.